Marching Band Uniform




Under Uniform – Students change into their marching uniforms all together in the Band room, therefore, specific t-shirts and shorts that fit underneath are required. This includes a black T-shirt with Centennial Band logo on front and black knit shorts. These should be brought to school every game day during football season and to any other performances that will require wearing the over uniform. These should NOT BE worn to practice or during the school day. The prescribed shorts are thin/light weight so that they may be worn under the outer pants/bibber. As the weather gets colder student may wear leggings or long underwear under the shorts and a long sleeve black shirt or long underwear under the T- shirt. These items are ordered according to the Uniform Form that you completed during registration under My Account.


Show Shirt – This T-shirt varies each year according to the show design. It will be worn to school on Fridays and under the formal uniform as directed by Mr. Reid. You may order just one or extras for your student or yourself. Extra T-shirts are $12 and should be ordered and paid for at the fitting. This will be the responsibility of the student to clean.


Marching Shoes – These are black shoes specifically made for marching bands. The student will be fitted on the uniform fitting day. These will be the responsibility of the student and should be brought to school on game days and all performances when the outer uniform will be worn. Shoes are $40 and should be paid for prior to fittings on the Uniform Form under My Account.


Black Socks – You must provide your own black socks. They should be worn anytime the marching shoes are worn. Socks must come to mid-calf or higher. No ankle socks are allowed.


Students will be fitted for the outer uniform, shoes and shorts in July. The pants, jacket, gauntlets, gloves and hat are provided by the school and kept at the school. Students are responsible for proper care of their uniform after each use.  Uniform pants and jackets are to be properly hung on their hangers, with pants folded on the crease, and locked in place with the hanger.  Students will store gauntlets and gloves in their hat box. Uniforms are sent for cleaning as needed.  Students will be given two pairs of gloves and it will be the responsibility of the student to maintain/wash their gloves. Students should keep at least one pair of gloves in their hat box at all times.


The under uniform, show shirt, shoes, gloves and socks are kept and maintained by the students. All under-uniform items are to be taken home and washed after each use. Please note that these items, except for the gloves and socks, are specifically ordered for each student. You may order extra T-shirts and shorts at the fitting only. We do not reorder again during the marching season. Returning students need to have their old shorts and shoes in good condition and well fitted or should order replacements.


Students are expected to have their under-uniform shirts, shorts, black socks and marching band shoes for each game and competition. Please put last names on the inside tags of shorts and shirts with permanent marker and also on the inside of each shoe.

If you have any questions regarding these items please contact Wendy Hamann.






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